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Lil' Dragons 4 & 5 yrs.

We stretch, kick, punch, play games, get skills, run and jump. We practice drills and balancing. All the basics  of  G3 martial arts.


Children's Class 6-11 yrs.

Students have a beginners, intermediate and advance class daily. Classes consist of stretching, kicking, drills, technique and games grounded in martial arts, It's fun and interactive yet rigorous and focused.


Teens 12ish to 18 yrs.

Teens class is fast paced and energetic. Students get encouraged to try the best and give 100 percent effort in their practice. They learn higher concepts in Hapkido application.


Adult Class

We have all ages and gender. Class is focused on stretching, breathing, kicking, and higher application of technique. Students learn the full repertoire of locks, pressure points, joint manipulation and throws.



Time to put your gear on and practice what you have learned against an opponent that is striking back.

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